Hiring and Background Checks in the Age of COVID-19 What Employers Need to Know to Maintain...


The coronavirus pandemic has uprooted normal HR workflows—and pre-employment background checks are no exception. 

Finding the balance between safety in the workplace, the laws that require background checks, and constantly changing federal, state, and local laws on how much information employers can seek about applicants, is enough to make even the most seasoned HR pros head spin.

Adding to the headache is the continued impact of COVID-19. As lockdowns and outbreaks recede from the headlines, the shift towards a remote workforce is here to stay. Businesses need to be prepared to screen, hire, and maintain a workforce remotely for the long haul. 

Prepare your organization and get the latest updates for compliant, effective background screenings in this upcoming complimentary webinar. 

Participants will learn:

  • Why employment background checks are particularly crucial for remote work positions

  • Core categories of information employers can and cannot seek

  • Impact of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act’s (FCRA) national standards for employment screening on who performs your background check 

  • Two ways an employer can legally avoid the provisions of FCRA 

  • How the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) view on criminal background checks directly impacts employment application forms and interview questions 

  • State “fair chance / ban-the-box” laws – what they really mean 

  • Why arrest and conviction records aren’t the same thing

  • The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA) “employee misconduct investigations” exceptions to FRCA 

  • What “salary history” laws are all about and how to stay out of hot water 

  • Completing Form I-9 in the age of COVID-19   REGISTRATION PAGE