How Technology is Changing Background Screenings

Once upon a time, background screenings were an arduous paper-based process. These days, however, technology has transformed the ways in which screenings are done. Most significant is the ways in which technology has improved the speed and accessibility of screenings. Background investigations used to take days, weeks, or even months, and now they can be done in minutes. Furthermore, technology has made it possible for individuals and small businesses to undertake background checks where previously, the cost and processing time would have made it prohibitive.

The speed and accessibility of background checks are primarily due to websites like Check People, which provide a background report on specific people in minutes. These websites utilize a number of technologies to deliver accurate and timely reports. This includes such things as continuous monitoring, artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive technology.

Continuous Monitoring

A person's information is always changing. What is accurate, one moment may no longer apply to the next. For instance, a person may be debt-free one week and then take out a large mortgage the next. This is where continuous monitoring technology comes in. Many background screening programs utilize this tech to alert anyone who has performed a background check on an individual of changing circumstances. FULL ARTICLE

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