Top 5 Red Flags Found In Online Employee Background Checks

The main purpose of running a background check on a new hire is to protect your company assets, current employees, and your customers. Confirming that a new employee is who they proclaim to be, and actually have the qualifications they claim to possess, is a vital step in any hiring process.

Reviewing an individual’s personal, criminal, credit, and educational references is a critical part of the decision-making process for any manager. How do you determine what signals potential trouble ahead if you bring this new team member on board? Let’s take a look at the top red flags in a criminal background check and what to do if you find any.

Online Employee Background Check Red Flags You Should Not Ignore

Without a comprehensive new hire background check, your business takes on unnecessary risks that can have dire impacts on your budget, investment in training, and possibly lawsuits or harm to other employees. These types of scenarios are not as uncommon as you might want to believe, so you must vet your candidate thoroughly before sending that offer letter. Watch out for some of these red flags on a potential hire’s background screening: FULL ARTICLE

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