What Does an Employee Background Check Show?

Adding a new hire to your team creates new opportunities for your company, but this also means additional risk to your business and current staff. A common question that many managers and recruiters ask is “What does an employee background check show?” and today we would like to share that answer with you.

What Information Does an Employee Background Check Show Employers?

Depending upon the type of background information you need to research on an employee, there are several types of pre-employment screening options to find the information you need. 

Typically, an employee record search will pull up some of the following details:

  • Criminal records

  • Educational history

  • Credit history information

  • Identity verification

  • Previous employment history

  • Driving record

These checks provide a vast amount of information for employers to finalize hiring decisions, ensure the validity of credentials, and even to ensure compliance with industry regulations for sensitive job roles. FULL ARTICLE

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