What is the ROI of a Background Check?

Every expense a business owner makes comes with an analysis of the return on the investment (ROI). From subscriptions to payroll services to renting office equipment, costs must justify the benefits in the long run. Knowing the ROI of an online background check involves measuring the advantages gained in multiple areas of your business process because of the decisions you made based on that report. Let’s take a closer look at the gains you can achieve by investing in regular background screening as part of your hiring process.

Hiring New Employees Can Cost Your Bottom Line the Most

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) states that the average cost for hiring a new employee is roughly $4,129. This cost doesn’t account for bad hire situations that might require letting an employee go and handling the fall out with customer safety or other costly situations. Background check services help employers see red flags and avoid investing time and resources into the wrong candidate.

Consider some of these additional cost-saving benefits of using an online background check service: FULL ARTICLE

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